Crossover Technologies, a Denver-based startup, recently announced their solution to the one-binding-per-ski problem. What they came up with is a plate-based system, that allows you to switch bindings between different skis without any tools.

In the early 2000's, Line Skis created the Line Reactor Binding, which was the first real attempt at a 'universal' ski binding and unfortunately didn't perform well enough to keep it around. The plate system in the Crossover is similar to CAST Touring, although CAST works to help switch between your normal toe piece and a tech/touring toe piece and leaves the heel piece on your ski.

Crossover allows for easier travel, as skis can lay flat on top of each other in the same bag with bindings separate (much like a snowboard). However, potentially the largest benefit is the money saved from not having to buy a new pair of bindings for each ski, as well as not having to completely retire older skis you steal the bindings from.

It has always seemed a bit ridiculous to have to buy a new pair of bindings for every single pair of skis, and this could be just the solution skiing needs.

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