The last day has been somewhat of a blur. Falling asleep last night at 5pm was always going to play havoc with my sleeping pattern which in turn gave me a kick awake at 3am. I’ve been wide awake since. The reason for my erratic sleep lays in the fact that i’ve just returned from a weekend away – in Australia.

In one of my more adventurous weekends i made it from the UK to Sydney to photograph Paul and Sally’s wedding. Paul has been a great friend of mine for a number of years and it was great to be able to make it over to witness such a unique wedding. Think lifeguard chauffeurs, sand dunes and a beach wedding involving sandboards, balmy temperatures and a big blue sky.  Having only arrived the morning before i was in a world of ignorance to the weather the previous weekend. The reality was that this wedding couldn’t have happened one week before as Sydney was in the process of experiencing the wettest July since 1950.

Luckily for me the carbon footprint i’ve just bestowed on the universe organised a truly beautiful day that no one at the wedding will ever forget.

Here’s just a little snapshot from the weekend.