Criminal Minds is a wonderful Show. I came away from that Season 7 premiere photos with two big questions. For starters, why is the BAU team being grilled in a Senate hearing led by guest star Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives)? Simply said, Joe Mantegna explains that the lengths the team goes to in the name of clearing the way for “dead” Prentiss to come out of hiding “becomes a political thing.” Adds Thomas Gibson, “We still have integrity, but we did a few things that are borderline illegal, and [Moses' character] has some pertinent questions about that.” Question No. 2: What’s with the scruff, Hotch? Turns out the boss man sprouted the beard for an undercover gig in Pakistan. Though it’s shorn by the time of the hearing, could it make an encore? Especially since some of the lady fans seem to luhrve it? “Well… I don’t know,” Gibson told us with a coy shrug.