Years before Dendrite Studios was even an idea, co-founder, Nic, produced a short film with some buddies for the Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival filmmaker showdown. Shot and edited in 72 hours in 2007, the film titled Creeking was shown on the big screen in front of thousands. Entering the contest with the idea of creating a short on the act of moving up a creek was purely an excuse to have some fun and create art at the same time….and plus, free lift tickets were nice bonus in the days of student life. Without any more gabbing, here’s the short

Oh yeah, the reason for bringing this up. I recently received news that Creeking has been selected for a Gala Screening as the 10th Anniversary of the 72hr Filmmaker showdown. Film 10 Screening & Awards Show is the event, and it takes place on Monday, April 18th, 2011. Creeking has been nominated for an award in the category of “Best Stunts”….right on!! Steve and Eric Clegg, Robin Munshaw and my bro Dave Teichrob were the big helpers and stars in this little nug.