When you meet someone briefly who could potentially become a client, the only thing they have to remember you by (besides memory) is your business card.  This is why you MUST create a great card that shows who you are, and what you do!

(Front and Back of Card)  If we had a nickel for every photographer's card that had no images, didn't say enough about them, or was home-printed (and looked like it..) we would be rich!  It's amazing how many photographer's cards simply say their name, phone, address, and "photographer".  How is a blank card like this going to make an impact??  Maybe it's just because we are action photographers, but impact is important!  You don't just want to be another name on a blank card.  And if you gave us a card like that, the chances of us actually checking out your website or contact drop significantly.So how do you make yourself standout?  Here are some of the best tips we've heard/used that will help people take you seriously and look into what you do.  Prices on cards are so affordable now it's well worth ordering new cards.  We use Overnight Prints for our cards, but there are plenty of great printing companies out there.
(Front of Card)Photo's are a MUST on your cards.  Use one or two a side and make them big enough that people can tell what's going on.  You are a photographer aren't you?Run your images edge to edge and corner to corner.  Fill the card with image!Pick an easily readable font that looks inviting.  Avoid over-the-top fonts that are tough to read.Order rounded corners or anything else that will make your card stand out from everyone elses. (In that case… don't get rounded corners, we want to be the only ones with those!)Go Two-Sided and put your best image full-size on the back.Choose STRONG images for your card.  Images where the athletes really stand out and take up a good amount of the card. Otherwise it will be tough to tell what's going on since cards are so small.Place ALL relevant information for people to contact you: (Business name, your name, phone, website, e-mail, and if absolutely necessary, your address.)Have your card printed on thick, quality paper.  Go glossy or matte, whatever you think looks best.  People do love glossy shiny things though…Give your text a bit of space from the corners so that it doesn't run over the edge when it's printer, or look too crowded in.Consider adding a slogan or description of your business.  Example: "Extreme Sports Photographer"If you have a logo on your site or anywhere else, place it on your card.  Keep consistent!Keep the card design similar to your website, marketing materials, etc… Consistency can help develop your business brand and make it more recognizable.  Slightly over-sharpen and boost saturation before submitting the card to the printer.  Printed materials need more sharpening and saturation than website or on-screen images.Remember:  A great business card can land you new clients, and keep old clients coming back.  Don't cheap out on this important aspect of marketing!