Hey Guys,

Incase some of you didn't know but Stevens Pass has been closed Friday 2/8 til Monday 2/11 because of the incredible amount of snow we have been receiving. 100 inches in a week!!! So sorry if we ruined any of your plans to head up this weekend, but believe me, it was for your own good. Below are some photos of some of the avalanches we recieved during the past couple of days.

Avalanche at Tunnel Creek

on top of the Tunnel Creek Avalanche

View of Tunnel creek from the westside. Just take a look at all the tree's and rocks!!

Thing is huge!

Avalanche in Tum water canyon for all you folks coming from the East side

Another Tumwater Canyon Avalanche

Here is a small little video on the avalanche across tunnel creek.

Highway 2 is now open and Stevens Pass will be open Tuesday the 12th

look forward to seeing you all back up here!!

-Stevens Pass