Perfect day in Breckenridge today, I was planning on doing some tricks I haven’t done in some time, but that I know how to do good.   But Marius wanted it elsewhere, and dropping in Freeway with a double 1080 mute second run.  WOW. I didn’t plan on trying the double 10 today, as I took a pretty bad crash two days ago in Keystone.

Well, I did some 7’s, and tried it on the third and last jump on freeway.  Went way to much cork/sideways on the first part of the trick, dipped the last cork WAY to late, and saw the landing coming way fast. Landed straight on my back again!

Spitted blood all day and had trouble with breathing. Caughing a lot, things were not good. It was allright after 5 minutes, and I did some runs filming with Marius, got a few shots. But this afternoon my back, bottom and side of the stomach started hurting a lot. Going to the doctor tomorrow to check it out, hopefully nothing serious. I have figured out that this sport is dangerous, and it has it’s risks. But I will just have to make sure to make the crashes as light as possible. Backprotector, but-saver and Helmet is a must!!

Had a lovely dinner at Mizuppas today, the lady behind the counter knew before we walked in that door, what we were going to have.. Speaking of daily guests!