It's finally almost time for one of the greatest events in mountain biking: CrankWorx Colorado.  As a photographer it's a dream come true!CrankWorx takes place at Winter Park, CO only 67 miles from Denver.  Featuring the top athletes from all over the world throwing huge tricks off giant features, it's a great opportunity for photographers to learn and improve their skills.  

The event takes place next Thursday the 28th, through Sunday the 31st.  APS will be there to capture the crazy action as riders throw themselves off huge drops, over massive doubles, and onto wood platforms.  Expect to see backflips, front flips, double flips (hopefully!) 360's, corked 360's, maybe a 720 or two, tailwhip 360's, double tailwhip 360's, suicide no-handers….. Oh mannnn, we can't wait!!For any photographer it's a great opportunity to shoot top level pros.  Even without a press pass you can still move around to almost any angle of the course and get some great shots, though you won't be able to use flash from that distance.  Practice your manual settings, experiment with new angles, and try to get some amazing images!  You can't go wrong with this one.  It's a good time to work on your focus, and boost your portfolio.Try and make some connections while you are there.  With all the sponsors and pro athletes, who knows, maybe you'll land a sweet gig!  If you're going, be sure to look for us, we'd like to meet you and talk photography and biking!To learn how to "work" the event and take home great shots, be sure to checkout these other event articles:  The In's and Out's of Event Photography Capturing the Crowd: Event Photography The Do's and Dont's of Working With Other Photographers Around