My home is fairly fantastic. It has beds, and couches, and a tv. The shower is fantastic, and it doesn't take too much effort to heat it up. Definitely a great thing. I still need to figure out exactly where the hot tub is and the laundry room, but I have at least another week before I need to do any laundry. I already have people asking me if they can stay over; I have of course said yes. The first roommie is coming up on thursday followed by Sandra sometime after Christmas. So I started ski school yesterday. I should be there today, but this fever is keeping me indoors. It was great. Getting paid to ski regardless of what kind of skiing it is is fantastic. Now I am just totally confused what I am supposed to do tomorrow. I think I am supposed to get my uniform tonight but I'm not really sure where I pick it up. Side note: I am currently watching one of the coolest dogs ever roll around in the snow. It is hilarious. I wish I could have a dog, that would be so nice. Oh well, no pets allowed with the lease. I really do love this town. Hang out at the local watering hole (The Looney Bean) for about 15 minutes and I run into 2 people I know. Still have another hour or so worth of work to do though, could be a few more friends stopping by.So I may be sick, but I am seriously pleased with my life right now.