Couch surfing is really cool. Like, really cool. The premise behind couch surfing is to create positive traveling experiences, incredible human interactions, and of course, cheap accommodations while traveling. A brief explanation is, say you're going to Place X. You find a person or host that lives in Place X on the site, exchange emails, and find a place to crash. They offer some form of hospitality for you like say, a couch to crash on. They can offer you cool insight into the place they live and show you cool spots a typical tourist will never see. In return, you do their dishes, buy them a bottle of wine, or just offer a helping hand. The possibilities are endless. This video can explain it more than I can:At first glance its easy to say, "This is a serial killer's dream!" I thought the same but when taking a closer look you'll find thousands of people just looking to travel the world, live life, and create positive memories that will last a lifetime. They also have an enormous list of Do's and Don't and tips for traveling. Safety first. I recently (today) signed up on The site is a social networking styled site aimed at host/surfer meetings and interactions. You can find my profile here. While many of you may think of this idea as outlandish, let me offer you a quick host/surfer story from the ski community:Ahmet Dadali was sent a message from a French kid named Antoine Mayhet that found him on MySpace. He told Ahmet he wanted to come to Colorado to ski park because the French parks were not as good. After a few emails back and forth, Antoine asked Ahmet where he could find a cheap place to stay and Ahmet replied with, "You can stay at my place homie" or something to that effect. Ahmet's season ends after bashing his knee so, Mike Hornbeck ends up picking Antoine up from the airport a few weeks later and Antoine stays with the guys for a few weeks. I met Antoine during my Keystone trip before X-Games while he , Scott Hibbert, and I were all crashing at Ahmet and Hornbeck's place. After a few days, it was clear to see that Antoine was not just staying there but he had become a good friend of Ahmet, Hornbeck, and pretty much everyone living in Colorado. He was answering to the nickname "Frenchie" and was blaring Tupac with the best of them. One of the coolest things I overheard was Ahmet and Antoine talk about Ahmet possibly traveling to France. Antoine said boldly, "Ah man! When you come to visit you're definitely staying with me" I guarantee those two will be friends for life.These are the kinds of experiences couch surfing can offer. While most don't stay weeks at a time, it's a chance to see another side of place you always wanted to visit, away from all the typical tourist hot spots. While visiting these places you get to meet people with similar interests and the desire to make positive life experiences. I'm going to give it a legit shot this summer. I haven't narrowed down where I'm going but when I do, you guys will be the first to know. Take a look at the site and the safety issues. Who knows, It may offer you the experience of a lifetime.Stoked to be stoked on surfing couches,-Rogge