Words:  Julien HeonPhotos: Phil Binette  This past weekend Tremblant launched the 10th edition of the Coté Obscur.  Quite a different set up was created for the decade anniversary of one of Quebec's most popular big air comps, with an A-frame jib added to the end of the course. Cash prizing for the comp was uncertain at some points, but ended being $1000 best trick on the A-frame, and $2500 for the actual Big-Air comp.  Qualifications went down Saturday afternoon, with highligths such as JD Zicat stomping the cab 10 mute perfectly and qualifying first, and Guyaume St-Cyr landing way down beside the Coors Light banners....which.. was really low!! Other people qualifying for the grand final were Alex Lallier, Dom Legaré, Phil Casabon, P-O Plante, Thomas Chouinard and Marc Aboussouan.  Finals were held at night under the projector with some cool sounds and light effects and were watched by a fairly big croud. The format for the Final was an elimination battle. First to go was JD Zicat, against Thomas Chouinard, The unknown Chouinard took the first battle as JD's mentality is go big or go home, and he went for his Cab 10 mute, but had some difficulties on the landing.  The two making it to the final were Phil Casabon and Dom Legare. Both were stomping their tricks perfectly. The format at this point now became a best 2 out of 3. Legare was throwing his cab 7 with a very defined grab and very intense tweak, and landing very low. As for Casabon, he went for the Cab 9 Nose, and landed it perfectly as well. The decision was difficult, and Casabon took the first round, Legare the second, and then Casabon took the third round, along with the $2500 check.  Phil Casabon also won the Best trick on the A-frame, adding $1000 to his evening.  For once in Tremblant the judging was not that bad, and most people seemed happy about the resutls. As usual party went down at the Caribou and the debauchery was faithful to the Caribou's reputation. Check the edit from Paralines.net:  http://www.paralines.net/obscur006.mp4Results 1 Philippe Casabon     $2500.00 2 Dominic Légaré      $1000.00 3 Thomas Chouinard     $250.00 4 Alexandre Lallier     $100.00 5 Marc Aboussouan     $100.00 6 Guyaume St-Cyr      $100.00 7 Pier-Olivier Plante     $100.00 8 Jean-Denis Zicat      $100.00   Best Trick - Phil Casabon $1000.00