It’s time for a touch of spring-cleaning!

In 2008 more than 2500 volunteers got together in 52 resorts in different Mountain ranges in the world to pick up more than 17 tonnes of litter. This year again associations, professionals, residents, elected representatives and holidaymakers are joining forces for a big spring cleaning, as another way to mobilise energies around the issue of sustainable tourism in Mountain.

All the resorts stakeholders from riders to professionals, residents and holidaymakers are invited to get together for half a day to pick up litter on the slopes, under the lifts and in front of the base lodge that are the direct consequences of wintertime tourism.

After the litter picking ordeal, everybody is invited to get together for a meal and make the most of the different animations offered for this occasion: Games, expos, performances, conferences, concerts, films, etc. We want the day to be as festive possible since the mountains are most importantly a place where we love to get together in magnificent surroundings.

One key date: Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of May 2009.

Even though many organisers will choose another date to host their spring cleaning, depending on local snowmelt and resort opening and closing dates, this WE is the highlight of our collective action.

For all the dates and resorts: