Mont saint-sauveur is hosting their annual video contest. A team of one filmer and one rider had 3 days to make the best edit they could. Turn out there is some mad skills out there ! Classic east coast park rider showin there skills with style in some sweet scenario. Both rider and filmer have been killing it coming up with creative story, clean tricks, smooth style and good shots. Every year teams push a bit more can't wait for next year edition there is lot of money to win chekc it out !

First place of this of this year :

Pimp that hire a skier to ride for him. place:

"Pro" snowboarder is looking to get is style and skills back.

Third place :

Story of a snowboarder meeting a master of the wax and learn to do is own wax.

Fourth Place :

Story of a guys working at a customer service dreamin about skiing other cool one :

The concept of skiing

How to make a sick ski edit.

Lots of the other one are just in french but head over the there website if you wanna check out some dude sendin it !