I was looking forward to this evening for sometime, I have played ice hockey with Steve for a couple of years.  I hadn’t met Laura until the evening of the shoot, but she was so easy to get along with and very photogenic:)  We started out in Garden of the gods a couple of hours before sunset.  The skies were still hazy with the smoke from the forest fires in Arizona, but it made for beautiful mystic photos with a lot of pleasing red and yellow hues at sunset.

We started off at the north end of the park…

The colorful hazy sky reminded me of being back in China in 2006.  I just received my Canon 1D Mark IV which is an incredible camera!  10 frames per second!  And the option to shoot 7 exposures in less than second for HDR shots!

Very pleasing colors shooting 7 exposures.  I think the colors pop a little bit more with the 1D, but I still need to test that aspect out a little bit more:)

Of course it helps to have a good looking couple!  I really love the vibrant colors in these last two shots.

I suggested the idea of climbing up on the rock for this photo, Steve & Laura showed off their athletic ability and didn’t hesitate for a second!