We build some other features this week in the Mss Park but we don't have finish the bottom maybe this week end or next week. We

rebuild all the central Park and snow guns are open in the half pipe.  Here is what is at the moment :


Express park  :  - Dance floor box

                          - Up-down box

                          - Small pyramid rail

                          - M and L Jumps

Central Park :     - Flat Down box (New)

                          - Down flat Down box (New)

                          - Big flat box (New)

                          - Pyramid Jump(New)

                          - double Barrel (New)

Mss SnPk :        - Rotating tire(New)

                          - Down rail

                          - Flat round rail

                          - Small ruffle pipe

                          - D-F-D rail round

                          - D-F-D rail flat

                          - F-D-F rail flat

                          - up-down rail

                          - roller coaster box

                          - flat-up-down rail(New)

                          - down flat rail

                          - Down rail(New)

                          - Air tank

                          - Big ruffle pipe

                          - Left C box

                          - Right C box

                          - Elbow rail (New)

                          - Flat box drop(New)

                          - Tree stall (New)

                          - Small Jump line S, M, L jumps

First table down rail and the best flat rail ever

Down Flat Down Table one flat one round

up-down rail / Flat Down Flat rail 

More pic soon ....