By Ethan Stone, STEVENS PASS, WA., and HORSESHOE RESORT, ONT. — Humans are always subject to nature’s whims. This was evident March 3, as the planned Orage Big Air at Horseshoe Resort, Ontario became a halfpipe competition when there wasn’t enough snow to build a kicker. Furthermore, the pipe hadn’t been groomed before the comp, and was even kept open to the public while competitors were taking their runs! Nevertheless, competitors managed to salvage the event, as skiers went off… and went down. Partially due to the nature of the halfpipe, spectators watched competitors hit hard all day long. The biggest crash would go to Jon Groom, whose two flare attempts didn’t work out. Dustin Foreman emerged victorious, winning with big grabs and a stylie 540 lui kang. An unidentified Line rider took second with grabs, a flare, and an off-axis 720, while Darren (member name Sketch on took 3rd with grabs and technical spins. Also taking place over the weekend was the Stevens Stomp Games at Stevens Pass, Washington. In the professional halfpipe competition, Tyler Foreman from White Pass clinched first, with Robbie Cappel snatching second and David Severin in third. In the women’s’ division, Charley Marian took first as Brooke Larson came in second. Contributors: Brooke Larson, Darryl Hunt. RESULTS Orage Halfpipe- Horseshoe Resort, March 3 1. Dustin Foreman 2. Some guy on Lines 3. Darren ? Stevens Stomp Games Halfpipe, Stevens Pass Mens Pro 1. Tyler Foreman 2. Robbie Cappel 3. David Severin Womens 1. Charley Marian 2. Brooke Larson Ethan Stone can be contacted on, member name kamikaze.