Michael Lish and Kristin Broumas have created Community Skis, a trailer built out of scrap materials repurposed into a ski factory, a home, an office, and anything else they can think of. The two have set out to create a ski production environment surrounded by some of the things they value most: sustainability, community, education, and some damn good times.

Though like most great things, this hasn't come without struggle. As Broumas says, "It’s been tough for sure. I mean were doing something that nobody else has ever done. There's not a system that we can just plug into."


Peep the NS hat at 2:09

Lish has been designing and producing skis for over 30 years, it was only a matter of time before he figured out a way to do it differently than anyone else. They allow the client to choose everything about their ski, from graphics to dimensions, some clients even travel from all over to take part in their ski's development. Not to mention Broumas will cook up a full days worth of meals, can't complain about that. They also host workshops for high school students, teaching them everything from the engineering that goes into making a ski as well as the business practices one need's to sell that ski.