Howdy all…wanted respond to a little note we received the other day from a fellow reader. We appreciate feedback here at EVI, and a reader who goes by the name “GS” seemed to think his/her comments would prompt some opinions from the general readership. So, we thought this would be a good opportunity to really bring these comments to the forefront of the blog and see if any other readers had anything to share on the matter.

Our goal has always been to promote back country safety and improve the quality of riders in the zone. If we’re doing a disservice to EV users by encouraging proper equipment use and issuing warnings during questionable snow conditions, color us confused. There are numerous other factors at work accounting for the increase in use of EV terrain which we all see on a daily basis (read: side country / back country marketing from the ski media). It seems that anyone these days can be an expert by purchasing skins, taking a CPR class, and heading out past Chair 21. These folks will be back there whether EVI exists or not. If they have some glimpse of back country education, we’re all in a better position.

At the end of the day, we have always considered ourselves as a supplement to the CAIC and an on the ground reporting tool trusted by those who frequent the zone and know the ever changing snow conditions. Certainly, keeping the EV zone a place that everyone can enjoy is a paramount concern for us all.

The cats been out the bag for a couple decades now…” See comments in the about us section,for the rest of the diatribe.