2008 BM update 1

Well, Blue Mountain is once again in amazing condition. The pro side is improving with every passing day (4 big jump line, plus meaty rails to boot), the rail garden is bursting at the sides (you can get 7 hits in a smooth flowing run on the progression side), the half pipe is the best it has ever been and the pickle is being turned into a bit of a boneyard/jib park (stay tuned for more pictures of that). All in all the Badlands is great and will only get better over the season. No one in the area can come close to what Blue has right now, so come out and ride!

First we will look at the rail garden.

Here you can see a ton of rails at the top of the run:

The middle couple of rails (the old 48 footer has been cut to 9m):

The up Box beneath the chair:

The side by side S features, the new on the left and the old on the right:

And finally Matty's Special barrel bonk and pole tap (good work!):

Now for a quick little view of the half pipe and the magnificent pro-side (jump distances are in metric):

We are building and adding nightly and with the snowfall over the last week, the park is looking amazing!!!

The half-pipe is being re-built and will be back on for the weekend if all goes well!  It will be awesome!

I hope to see you on the Hill!

-Dan Kellar