I'm finished with college. I'm over it. Now it's onto the next step, (dun, dun, duuuuuuun) the "real world." As I search for jobs, paths, the light, etc. I imagine there'll be lots to shoot, film, and write about which is why I'm happy to announce the creation of MikeRogge.com. Currently in development, MikeRogge.com will feature stories, blog entries, photos, links to past stories on NS and Freeskier.com, and it will also be the place to catch a new video blog series I'm developing.(You're asking yourself, "Why would I want to go to MikeRogge.com?")Good question. Maybe you won't. BUT maybe you will.. One thing is for sure, I'll be updating it much more frequently which means you'll be gaining even more access to events like X-Games, The SIA Trade Show in Vegas, Red Bull events, the PBP Film Tour, competitions, interviews with athletes, and more! (maybe not more but it seemed like the appropriate word choice). This site will be able to give me 100% total creative freedom. And don't you worry, I'll still be covering some of the news here on NS. I'll be launching the site hopefully within two weeks. The launch will feature an EXCLUSIVE interview with an athlete to be named later (hint: it's a skier), episode 1 of the video blog series, and much much more! (again, seemed appropriate)

Stay tuned,Rogge