200 Dollar Discount for College Students

code….. “collegeBUMdeal” It’s caSE senSitiVe!

Valid Only During Session 1 – June 6th through June 13th

For Summer Session 1 2010 Only, Windells is offering a 200 dollar discount for college students.  I went to college too and I was always to broke to afford Windells Camp.  Now that I work here, I want to hook you book nerds up!

4 Easy Steps to attend Windells Adult Camp

Sign up for Session 1 using the discount code

Email or Fax College ID – sean@windells.com/503.622.4582

Complete & turn in Adult Paperwork

Come to Camp

So go turn in your books ,for some cash, to the gypsy lady on the corner and come shred with us!

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