So, finally some time for an update. This month has been crazy, fun, but crazy. I’ve managed to shoot many things I’ve thought up in the past, and seeing those ideas take animated form is pretty rad.

For the past month I have been working on a multimedia show for the Kootenay ColdSmoke Powder Fest in Nelson, BC. Arc’teryx is the host again for this multimedia event and I am very thankful that companies like them exist, helping to provide us with an excuse to spend a lot of time working on a tightly edited creative project. The festival and dinner evening take place this Saturday in Nelson and is sure to be a killer time. Anyways, here’s a summery of the past month

26 days shooting

25,000 photos/videos/timelapse stills kept

40+ timelapses

26 nights with less sleep than desired

1 remixed track by Mr. Clean

1 concussion

1 wrecked shoulder

deep pow, loam, and surf

sun, rain, wind, snow

1 awesome flight

1 awesome supporting company (Smith Optics)

800+ GB of memory used

1 person ready for a break.

Next week I’ll be posting my show for all to see. I’m pretty stoked on it, and hope you will be too. In addition, I’ll be editing up a little video showcasing the amnesiac state I was in after my concussion, as captured by Dylan Dunkerton of The Coastal Crew

Now it is off to Nelson with a handful of exported files to make sure one of them works properly on their non-Mac system…who the heck runs a PC these days anyways?