ColdAsIce.TV Cribs with Grete Eliassen – The Haunted Jerome Hotel in Aspen, CO

Grete Eliassen, in Aspen for an Oakley Shoot and Oakley Progression Sessions finds out that there is more going on in the Jerome Hotel than meets the eye. What starts as rumors, becomes reality as Grete runs for her life.

Does she make it through the night? …watch and find out.

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“Anyone who stays in the luxurious hotel must try the Aspen Crud but also stay in Room 310. Story goes a 10 year old boy and his parents stayed at Hotel Jerome. The boy supposedly drowned in the hotel’s original pool. Room 310 is in the hotel’s new addition and sits above the old swimming pool. In 1988, a woman occupying that room placed a phone call to the front desk concerning a lost, soaking wet boy. When a member of the Jerome staff showed up to help the boy, he vanished leaving behind wet footprints. No children were registered in the hotel at that time….”

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