ColdAsIce.TV Confessional – Keri Herman Gets the Goods on Devin Logan during FIS in Utah

In this installment of ColdAsIce.TV (chairlift) Confessionals, we Keri gets a whole bunch of skiers on film… Devin Logan (the confessor), Ashley Battersby (badass skier and horrified witness), Kaya Turski,, and Sammy Carlson (part time ColdAsIce.TV cameraman).

Devin Logan give us some VERY disturbing news about her drug testing… you REALLY don’t want to miss this!

We also learn why you won’t see the US FIS Ski Team members on Jeopardy any time soon… especially if there are any geography questions involved.

You can thank our AWESOME camera woman Keri Herman for the great behind the scenes footage of her fellow pro skiers from FIS World Championships in Utah.

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