Today We woke up early for once, and I managed to wake my roomate from his seriously disturbing deep sleep.

Bluebird and cold in Breck today, and the entire mountain was groomed perfectly for the guests to enjoy! Me and Halvard Thon were lapping Freeway and Park lane all day, switching roles as cameraman and skier. Thing we got a few keepers. Looking foreward to do a little longer edit in some days.


Ludde with his redicilous large (and cheap) pants from Target.

Days like this may sometimes turn out to be a masterpiece of art, if you capture it.

Snowboarder making his way out of the last jump in park-lane.

Last jump again. Perfect shaped!

You hear us talk about park-lane and freeway. Let´s clear things up. THIS is freeway, the most advanced park in Breck. The black-line if you like. DewTour went down in this course. Park-lane is the medium line, really creative and fun!

Let´s do this! #Followcam!

Last two jumps in the large freeway-park.