From the heart of Åre, Sweden

comes a new brand of skis; Cmd. Creators Fredrik Söderberg, Anton

Silvola and Martin Söderberg have been working together for the past year to

prepare the release of their new brand’s first two models this fall, which will

be produced by Åre Skidfabrik (Åre Ski Factory).

“We have been trying out tons

of different prototypes during the winter and the ones that gave us the most

smiles resulted in The Wizard and The It”, says Fredrik Söderberg. The It, their first all-mountain ski, will

be released in two lengths, 178 and 186cm. The dimensions of the latter are

136-106-128 mm with a radius of 21 meters. Their second model, The Wizard, will be a backcountry jib

ski at 181 and 189 cm with wider dimensions, 144-117-140 mm with a radius of 19

meters. The It will be priced at

approximately 550 Euros and The Wizard

at approximately 600 Euros. Both of the skis will feature early rise at the tip

and tail.

However, the company will not be limited to these two

models after this coming season. They boast a park model to be released in the

2013/2014 season along with more lengths for the two existing ones.

The It and The Wizard

“Cmd reflects quite well how we look at skiing. It should

be fun and it should be real”, says co-founder Anton Silvola. The skis will be

sold in selected shops as well as online at

(solely sold online for the US market) in the beginning of October.