So nothing new to show you guys as far as park and pipe goes. Construction of lower North Slope Park is fully underway, with the rails from North Slope and Upper Ridgeview being pulled, and reset within the next few days. Snow being pushed and jumps and being sculpted so by this weekend you should have some kickers to get down on. Also snowmaking has been underway for the large park on Spruce Peak as well as the half pipe. So for now enjoy these pics from yesterday of me and Will messing around with my new camera.

270 on pretzel 270 out
getting buttery
much fun on the sides of the trails
pole throw and catch on box
me doing a pole stab spread eagle
nose press on the banked picnic table
pre bonk
post bonk
lipslide 270 out
me tailpress (kind of)
nose pressing the bench
who needs urban takeoff, Will goes straight on
yo LJ
jump line soon to be