Today I finished Climbing Free by Lynn Hill and Greg Child. If you don't know who Lynn Hill is, you should probably go look her up. She's one of my biggest inspirations as an athlete. Known as a top sport climber in the 80's, Lynn made the first free ascent of the Nose Route on Yosemite's El Capitan.
One of the reasons that I think she's such a badass is that she puts a lot of guys to shame when she climbs and always had the mentality that she is an equal in the athletic world, she proved it. Climbing Free has been a perfect book to read while I'm injured. It made me want to work that much harder to get back to where I was at before this happened.
If you're interested in Lynn, climbing, or sports autobiographies, I highly recommend this book. It's entertaining and impressive. Plus Lynn Hill kicks a lot of ass.