I'm currently 6 days into cleansing my body... mostly my colon, but it has proven very beneficial to many other facets of my life ie. mental stamina and vigor, body and mind awareness, focus and motivation. The side effects were quite a surprise as I assumed it would mostly entail total physical torment, lethargy and hunger pains. I have endured some hunger pains but I'm sure it doesn't compare to any Somali native's and it's usually quenched with the lemonade(lemon juice, grade b maple syrup and cayenne pepper) I've been drinking. The cleanse has also sparked an interest to eat healthily when I'm finally through with the cleanse so i've been reading about nutrition and diet, mostly revolving around raw foods. Raw foods consist of anything that isn't cooked over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. At first I was thinking, raw foods... hmmm... so I'll be eating lots of salads and fruits... boring, but after reading a bit into it and consulting Kimmy Fasani and Chris Benchetler, there are endless amounts of recipes from cakes and cookies, to soups, salads, curries, breads, pizzas and lasagnas among many others. Even if I don't completely change my diet to complete raw foods after the end of this, raw foods are going to be a huge part of my existence. I've come to realize how much we really are what we eat and thus there are so many diseases and obesity that arise from malnutrition. Malnutrition is not just not being fed enough, it's being fed all of the over processed foods that are so readily available for our consumption. I'll elaborate on this later as I'm off to go Bowling!.... I think I'm turning into a health freak!!! And I like it. Oh one more thing, I'v been going to the gym almost everyday and working out at least two hours without hitting the metaphorical "wall". Cleansing is Awesome!