It is still a month and a half approximately till ski season starts in southern Ontario, yet in downtown Toronto we started the celebration of the 08'-09' ski. This years event held by the amazing people at Skier magazine  (Issue 1 is out kids, pick up it) and Redbull. Downtown Toronto at the beautiful No Regrets restaurant and lounge, was the venue, with screens set up on upstairs and downstairs.

Venue: No Regrets, place of good times

The final touches before the night started

People started streaming in by 9:30 or so, and were brought in by the playing of Seven Sunny Days, warming up to Claim

Colby's segment pre-show in Seven Sunny Days

Most people were coming from the Toronto ski show so although this delayed the movie till after 11, but i managed to meet a lot of great people and even some NS'ers

Birdshake (buy this guys super legit headwear ), Horizons, and Schism

And of course the one and only Rob

With the Redbull flowing free time passed quickly as the final people from the ski show packed into No Regrets and soon after 11 Claim finally began with much applause. The intro, a final countdown montage, gave the film a solid start. Although I've heard the song hundreds of time as it was our song in high school to make sure we got our asses to class, mixed with some glorious skiing, and bam. The film brought lots of good times. From the one and only Colby James West and his music video:

Colby stars in his first ever music video

To Mr. Abma's amazing BC lines and pillow hopping. The only point of disappointment was the fact that one Jon Olsson had been advertised in the trailer yet was not given a segment due to lack of material, but Jon or no Jon the film went on with much chatter from the crowd.

Schism, Birdshake, and Horizons and the crowd enjoy Claim

As the film came to a close, the night was just starting, cue for the dj to start spinning some music. With good beats, everyone was enjoying themselves, and it was just plain old good times. There was even lots of free swag to top it all off, which thanks to the good people at Oakley, Marker, Salomon, Skier and Head included everything from goggles, shirts, hats, bindings and skis.

I am not going to lie, the skis up for grabs were pretty exciting, maybe a little to much so...

There was plenty of dancing, well i am not sure if you would call it that, but people seemed to be enjoying themselves nevertheless.

Protect yourself kids, dancing is dangerous

This one is for you Smuck, making the most of the night

Keeping it real, long into the night

I could say so much about this shot, but i will leave it up to you guys

Parties like no other

Its a big deal when there is free Redbull

SBC extraordinaire Jamie Reekie

SBC crew and friends

Right until the music died down, peopling were still dancing the night off, and by the time it ended, everyone was thoroughly exhasted but it was well worth it. I met a lot of interesting people, heard a lot of great stories, and say a great film, can't complain as all.

I would like to finish by giving a big shout out to SBC's Skier magazine and Redbull for getting the event going, it was great meeting everyone and hopefully they will continue the tradition next year.

Kudos for a great event

Have a great week.

-Pippin Lee

I apoligize for the crappy quality but without thinking i went without a monopod or proper flash