Just got home to Hommelvik, Norway – Home sweet home. It’s been two amazing weeks in the US, but right now the only thing that can keep me uprised, is the sound of the coffee-maschine.

The last two days in Colorado, Me and Kim spent in the Denver area and Colorado Springs.

Life on the prairie. Pretty cool picture I took before leaving the ranch in CO.

Sara and Kim, ready to shop some gifts. Not quite the weather I had pictured for christmas-shopping though. I had a t-shirt on all day yesterday. Kim had a small mental breakdown at the mall, but we got him on better thoughts after a while. Never seen a man so stressed out before..


Early wake-up call in Colo Springs. 0715 am – Shuttle leaving for the airport. Kimbo is stoked!

After a mellow two first flights from Denver via Minneapolis to Amsterdam, with a free upgrade to leg-space heaven and a good nights sleep, I was ready for my gay (kim’s words) coffee at Starbucks, Schipol.

I met Linn Haug at the gate, and we where on the same flight back home to Trondheim. Good to speak some norwegian for a change!

After more than 20 hours of traveling, I got my bags at the bagage-claim in Trondheim. Lucky for me, Petter, a friend that I work with, was on duty. Making my day go from good to not so good in 5 minutes. Time to hit the coffee-maschine again!!

See you!