Fall was a fun time, with guest appearances by the one and only Phil E. Bluntz:

We've been doing some premieres of Salty Days up here at Alta, all of which have been a fucking awesome time

Jake on a nice little bomb drop:

The edit from this fall:


The snow has finally started flying here at Alta, starting with a 50" dump a week ago to really get things going. With a better base we were able to start hitting some jumps without worrying about rocks as much, and Keenan, Jeremy and Justin scouted some good zones out in Catherine's Area in-bounds. Luckily I had my trusty snow saw on me, so we were able to build a tasty cheese-wedge with a healthy 30-35 foot table to a nice landing. The wedge looking cheesy indeed:

The session quickly got out of control when Cody Barnhill, Paul Kimbrough and SaltyDays star Eric McEwen showed up. Eric, fresh off of his shift in the Goldminer's Daughter Cafe, proceeded to over-rotate his first-hit backie and decided it was time for doubles:

Keenan started swinging immediately, throwing this third-hit rightside blunted 5 to pow, sticking the shit out of it-

Newjack in the janky crew Tyler Smith working on his triple shiftys

This shot gives you a good idea of the in-run with its right-hander into the boota. Speed was ample with a long in-run through the trees, but opened up in plenty of time to set. Me cork 3ing:

Keenan and Cody hiking up for more

Cody freshin out a super-tasty cork 3

He immediately followed this up by stomping the piss out of this massive 1:

Paul Kimbrough, uber-Moment-tele-shredder working on his truckdriving career as a backup plan

I couldn't put any of these cork 7s down, but it looks cool

Merry Christmas and happy effing holidays from JANKYfilms. Pray for snow bitches!