White Elephant was hilarious this year. Not. I had the best present which were fireworks and they got taken away from me. I was soooooooo mad. Its ok I ended up with some good goodies! I am just getting into the christmas spirit and christmas is going to be over before I know it. All this snow, beautiful chalets, yummy food and cozy beds make me want to curl up and drink eggnog and sit by the fire with decorations everywhere. I just loooooveeeeeee the trees that are all light up here. I am going to find one in my yard and put lights all over it next year. Christmas is truly the best when you are with fun people and laughing and snuggled up in the mountains with lots of white fluffy stuff everywhere bundled up and have a red nose. All the hustle and bustle, the people shopping and running around the little village, bells and fur and love all around. The full moon tops the whole event off!

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