Christmas is fast approaching and everyone wants to know what you are wishing for. New skis? A season pass? NS donator status?

While we can't help you with any of those, we do have good news for those of you who are interested in signing up for a session (or two!) at Ohio Dreams for summer 2012. If you register for camp before December 31st you will receive $100 of any session that you sign up for! Yes, it's that easy. Sign up before the start of the new year and not only will camp cost less, but you also get $100 off of your initial deposit!

So start pleading with your parents, begging your Grandma and writing Santa to convince them that all you want for Christmas is a week at Ohio Dreams.

Head over to to check out everything camp has to offer and see what session will work best for you. Also, check out all of our camp videos to see what next summer could have in store for you.

Check out our latest ski edit right here on NS!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's,

The Ohio Dreams Team