I am back from Finland days ago, and I am at my parents home in Hommelvik. Good to be home, especially when I only get to come here 5-6 times a year.  There are not to much snow up here, so today we went for a small hike before going to chruch and all that jazz- Saw these cute goates, funny animals!

Smileyfaces, it’s christmas!!

When you are skiing as much as myself and many other skiers competing and travelling, your skis get worn out pretty fast. BUT, there is no need for throwing them away before they are totally destroyed!! I took my dad’s metal-grinder and smoothened out the missing-edge-parts. Worked like a charm, off to ski tomorrow, stoked!

Best news so far is that Bomba hooked me up with a HD cam, so now I can make edits all winter! I love making edits and see what I can approve, and what works etc. Actually it’s a huge part of skiing if you ask me! I don’t think there is one other thing in skiing that makes me more stoked than good edits with sick skiing!

Time to open all the presents and be with my family! Merry Christmas everyone!