Interview by Jim Borchardt

Yo Frank! How's your season been this year? What have you been focused on?

Hey! my season was great. First year skiing Sugarbush and was able to shoot handrails throughout the winter.

What has been the highlight of your season?

The highlight of my season has been skiing bush midweek and taking trips down to southern Vermont. I was able to shred mount snow throughout the winter and met a lot of ill dudes at Sugarbush.

Photo by Peter Cirilli

Sounds like you met a good crew of people at sugarbush. Did they aid in your progression as a skier this year?

Yeah, skiing bush this year was sick. Always so many homies there lappin the double chair. The park has flow and everyone skis it with a different style. Being able to shred with a variety of skiers was sweet.

Yeah cool man, how's it been being in Burlington this year for college?

Burlington has been sick, and freshman year went super well. Classes were never too hard and I always had time to either skate or ski.

Do you draw any inspiration from skate culture as a skier?

Skateboarding has definitely saved me in the summer and fall months. A lot of skate style tricks can be brought into skiing and skating is just crazy. The best shit is powersliding all over the place.

Photo by Peter Cirilli

Speaking of, what's your plan for the summer? Hanging around Burlington?

Yee I will be living in burlington all summer painting at Champlain. Got a chill job with ill hours, gonna skate a bunch too. Winooski and Essex have dope skateparks and there's always homies to shred with.

Peace Pipe Jam @ Mt Snow - Photo by Luc Burns

Whats on the pallet for next year? Returning to school in the fall? Any skiing plans?

Next year I'm going to be in Burlington again taking classes. Trying to get a proper schedule for the spring and shred all over vermont again. I also plan to shoot some urban, and get out to CO.

You have a very distinct style when you ski. What/who are your biggest influences as a skier? What impacts your style?

My skiing has been impacted from all of the dudes who used to shred southern Vermont. Growing up skiing Stratton back in the day was dope, I always got to watch Liam Downey, Parker White, and Dale Talkington. I loved seeing them kill it in the old suntanner park. And for my clothes I like to rock big baggy stuff haha. And some basketball jerseys.

Any words of wisdom regarding the skiing industry or life in general?

In general I would say to just keep having as much fun as possible with the people you care about. And when it comes to skiing, having a fat crew to shred with is whats good. The people you ski with become family pretty much.