Here's a collection of photos from the past two days here in Chile with K2. Lot's of meat and snow...the story of my summer.

Day one on hill lunch was fondue. I love interactive meals.
We had cheese, meat, apples, potatoes, and the list goes on.
Today we met Frankendog. Notice the stitches on the top of his head.
He was scouting lines on the mountain, dropping chutes, chasing skiers, and stealing Pettit's gloves.
It's low snow and lot's of rocks, but there has been some pretty good turns here and there. I'm scared of rocks (for obvious reasons after one took out my knee). They're aren't alway easy to spot. Here's Seth and Andy hiking for turns.
Pettit laying one down for the catalog.
Andy tail pressing and checking the view.
And here's another of Andy skiing in the wind. This afternoon we found some great snow off the backside skiing down to the road. The snow was more protected there and was actually amazing in spots. Some cold, light, and fluffy stuff I never really ski in Tahoe. More to come from Chile tomorrow...Adios amigos.