I lived in Minnesota my entire life. My entire life until I packed up my Toyota Sienna mini van (Wu-Tang Van) mid-may and set across the country for my new adventures. A stop in Bozeman led to a detour to Mt. Hood, and around 3,000 miles later I arrived in my new home- Jackson, WY. I ended up here because like many other of Newschoolers' finest, I landed a job at another place in the industry.

Thanks for moving me across the country!

Storm Castle Peak, Montana

Last week I began work at Teton Gravity Research as an Editorial Intern. It's been an exciting change to begin life in Wyoming and to further my work and writing in the ski industry. Rewind back 18 months or so- Newschoolers was looking for some journalists to join the content team and I submitted a piece about the brighter side of Minnesota Skiing. This has led me to covering events all over the country, interviewing and building personal relationships with some of my favorite athletes and content team members, and organizing my fair share of events and film shoots.

^^ That's me!

My first big project after the launch of Lady Gabber // All Ladies filming session at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Promoting female content creation in freeskiing!

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Photo: Cy Whitling

Newschoolers has made me more long-term friends than high school ever could have- thanks for all the couches, beers, and laughs. Don't take this the wrong way though, I'll still be on the search for more couches, beers, and laughs in the future. As if it hasn't been shoved down your throat enough on this website, if you're ever on the fence about posting your story, photo, or video- just do it. You never know where that little piece of content will lead you.

Show Me Your Tetons

Catch my work over at my TGR Profile-- I have new stories dropping next week!

If you're interested in keeping up with my adventures or just like lots of pictures of the Tetons, feel free to give me a follow on Instagram-- @erica_aarons! And my personal blog with trip reports and rants you may or may not care about-- https://ericaaarons.wordpress.com.

I'd love to share more beers and laughs with more of you- send me a message if you're ever rolling through Jackson! I can't give you a couch cause I live in the wu-tang mini van, but I can definitely show you some rad places to camp and eat!

See you all around!


Erica America