Hey! Just wanted to drop in with a little early season update to let you know what I?ve been up to. In comparison to most early seasons, I?ve been sub par on the amount of shredding I?ve gotten to do. Instead, I?ve been doing a lot more of this:

But not to fear, as of today, I am a college graduate! And because I also have the best bosses around, I get to keep my job as a civil engineer on the side burner while I devote as much time as I physically (and financially) can towards filming with Level 1. But, even though I was busy wrapping up my final 15 credits, we did get a little filming done.

If you haven?t seen ?My Alaska? (you should probably check it out: http://vimeo.com/16037247), our good friend and snowboard legend Jay Liska has equipped his house with a home made rope tow and plenty of fun features to play on. We made a mini edit there on November 6th, so check that out!

Also, in conjunction with Anchorage City Church, we threw the second annual ?Trick or Street? rail jam, which turned out to be another sweet experience. We got a majority of the lumber donated, and built a pretty dope feature. And the night after the jam, which I judged, we went and sessioned with our friend and talented photographer Kris Swanson. Got a couple shots here:

And that was my (somewhat uneventful) early season! We?re now getting some snow up here in Anchorage, so the shooting will commence shortly!

Also, skiing aside, I have been doing a weekly column for SBC Skier called ?How to:? so if you haven?t gotten a chance to check them out, head on over to http://www.sbcskier.com and check them out!

?How to: Win Superunkown 2011?

?How to: Ski and go to School?

?How to: Cut Costs While Ski Bumming?:

?How to: Ride the Chairlift with a Stranger?

?How to: Pick up a Hippy Chick in a Resort Town?

Hope all is well.