Chasing Advanture follows Chris Benchetler as he travels the West Coast in a radically personalized sprinter van. Over the course of his journey Benchetler shows once again that he is a jack of many trades as he surfs, climbs, skis, and boards his way through an epic season- all while living an enviable minimalist lifestyle. He links up with legendary climber Emily Harrington, shapes boards with surf guru Rob Machado, and slays powder with legends Sean Pettit, Eric Pollard, and Travis Rice. Seriously, what can’t this guy do? While he is best known for his backcountry prowess on skis, he once again proves that he is more than simply a world class skier.

For a big man Benchetler certainly isn’t a slouch in the air, but what truly sets him apart is what he does with his skis on the snow. When he approaches a new line, he meticulously plans his route in a way that will compliment the natural features of the mountain as much as possible. Once he drops in, his surfing influences are clearly evident as he slurps and slashes his powder turns in a wave life fashion. In a ski world dominated by what’s done in the air, Benchetler reminds us that making turns can be beautiful too.

I give Chasing AdVanture high marks as it offers an inside perspective into one of the raddest seasons anyone could have. If you don’t want to live in a Van after watching this piece, then you probably never will! It also shows what Benchetler is all about, a free spirit who pursues his passions with a ton of positive energy but also intention. The activities he dedicates his life to meld into his skiing- climbing gives him patience and surfing influences his style. At the end of the day Benchetler might not always throw the same tricks as other top pros, but the artistry is undeniable. Don’t watch this video expecting to have your mind blown with stunts. Instead, follow Benchetler in his Stealthy Marmot as he shows what it means to live life to the fullest.

P.S. Chris is a pretty rad artist too- check out his website