So, im almost done with my first month of boarding school. And, despite what you may think, it kicks ass. I moved in 3 and a half weeks ago, got all my shit in my room, met my roomate, and went camping. sweet. Anyway, we get back, and start classes, sports, and but ofcourse, some funny stunts. Latley my room has been invaded by the likes of nick martini and friends at around midnight, they wake me up, and proceed to fuck with my roomate unitl there little power trips have subsided. at which time they crawl back into there holes and watch ski movies.... and porn. Its chill. classes are legit, mostly easy, and im fucking stoekd for winter, because i get to ski every day... yes EVERY DAY, there are 7 of those in a week. And im a freshman, 4 years of this... what whattt. Get stoked? yes.