I just had a friend send me a chain letter. Yeah, no kidding. That's pretty 2001 of her, right? Granted, she lives in Missoula and that place just got running water so I suppose its understandable. One thing that's not understandable is I haven't had a good links entry in a while. LAME! Without further ado, here's a list of LINKS! I've been reading. -John Symms and Dragonforce - Just in case being a Math scholar wasn't enough to solidify John as a dork... Just kidding, I probably would've gone too. -Keeping with the ESPN theme, did you know Poor Boyz is producing videos for ESPN.com this year? Yep, they are. And ESPN is doing a poor job of promoting them so I'll do it for them. Hey Disney Corp, get your shit together! Reasons Webisode 1 - Sammy CarlsonReasons Webisode 2 - JapanReasons Webisode 3 - Poor Boyz Cribz - easily my favorite episode because well, these guys are my friends (CLAIM!) Moving on...-Freeskier's David Amirault teaches us how to keep our fridges stocked for the ladies. -Rounding out the Freeskier train, Photo Editor Shay Will shows us the cover of the next Freeskier. How exclusive! -New buddy David Lesh finished up his India blog. A great read. -Level 1/Jiberish released their new colabo. The word "colabo" is pretty legit right? Fo sho. -Mike Rogge (wait, that's me) had Newschoolers.com finish his homework. And the entries were great. Thanks guys!-This youtube video made me laugh:-This game is awesomeAnd last but not least, Andy Parry and Will Wesson released Traveling Circus Episode 1. I'll link to the Line page because they're a big time sponsor of the site. Thanks Line! Thanks for reading and if you don't send the link to this page to 10 people in the next 5 minutes, your life will be over.Just Kidding.-Rogge