Slam Video Details

Skier Name: Chad Lichtenberger

Crash Location: Bridger Bowl, Montana

Slam Detail: This was the first attempt of a 60 foot road gap at bridger bowl before opening day last year. We hiked up to the top and built this road gap. I hit the jump a little fast and got bucked pretty good. I ended up in the hospital for 9 days and suffered a 7 inch laceration on my liver, shattering my right kidney in three pieces, rupturing my right adrenal gland, a contusion in my right lung, an Inigural hernia, dislocated right shoulder, and four blood transfusions to top it off.. And believe it or not… NO broken bones! It’s been almost a year now and I’m stoked to be working and riding at Heavenly this winter! Shred or Die!


Disclaimer: Slytech is NOT doing this contest to make light or sensationalize horrible ski or snowboard slams and accidents. Quite to the contrary, we are doing this to highlight how common it is to get into accidents on the mountain. We are advocating AWARENESS and PROTECTION. When you lessen the probability of serious injury — injuries like Chad’s above — then you gain more days on snow and are ultimately happier.

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