Hives is an infection which is very common in children. Children can be vulnerable to almost anything because of their underdeveloped immune system. Hives is an allergic reaction which causes white or red, raised welts on the body.

The hives symptoms are development of hoisted rashes chiefly on stomach, chest and back. One of the most distinctive characteristic of hives is that, the scars keep on appearing and disappearing. A welt on stomach can no longer be found after ten to fifteen minutes and there will be a sudden emergence of new ones on the back. The rashes do not have a designed shape or size and they appear either singularly or in groups. Out of the various causes of hives in children, some can be underlined as:·        Allergy to food·        Prolonged illness·        Side Effects of medicines or allergy to medicines·        Exposure to irritantsThe causes of children hives stated above cannot be the only causes. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to recognize the reason of infection depending upon child?s resistivity.  Hives last for the maximum of 2 days but can reappear for several weeks. Antihistamines like Benadryl can be given to reduce the irritation. In some cases the severity increases and results into breathing trouble, extreme weakness and throat tightness. Then, the doctor?s opinion becomes important.  A must thing for every parent is to know the cause of this allergic reaction in their kids. Once aware of the reasons of hives, they can easily prevent it to affect their children.