One of the nicest Oklahoma boys this side of the Mississippi is coming back to Windells for another season of coaching. Corbin Clement is a seasoned veteran here at camp and we are so stoked to see him back on the hill with us. He has been living the life this past winter, searching for the perfect weekend adventure and traveling all over the country with Saga Outerwear. Let’s see what Corbin has been up to this winter:

This season I’ve been to several new places for riding (and vacation) (UT, WA, Ireland, MA, CA, OR) ridden in some new competitions, lived in new places, and sure have had tons of fun. I established my home base in Vail and spent tons of time riding Breck’s park. The snow and backcountry conditions weren’t stellar, making it tough to get out into some places I wanted to be. Mt. Baker Ski Area for the Legendary Banked Slalom was phenomenal. Unfortunately, there was not really any fresh snow, but riding in the competition more than made up for it.

I’ve also done some spring hike/tour missions. Ten miles and 4,000 feet of vert with all your snowboard gear on your back is tiring, but rewarding.

One place I’m always excited to return to is Windells. I’ll be there in under 2 weeks! Skating, shredding, and riding my bike. Last summer was amazing with Saga Outerwear on Hood and I can’t wait to do it all over again. Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you guys soon!