What's some basic info that you can give me to start off?

Right now I got a spot in Breck, living with some of my buddies. Just moved over here in October. Switched it out with living in Mammoth Lakes for the past five years.

When you started off skiing in the park at Mt. Snow, did you ever picture yourself where you are now?

No, not at all. Definitely not.

Did growing up skiing the Carinthia parks influence those thoughts at all?

I'd say it definitely helped me; helped my skiing out tremendously and got me to where I am today. That, along with the people who were around me; all the homies and all the coaches I had there were a big influence.

You lived in Mammoth for a while? How did that impact your skiing/ skiing career?

Yeah, moved from Mt. Snow out to Mammoth when I was done with high school and was living out there for the past five years. That place is unreal. I think taking what I had learned at Mt. Snow and then going from the Mt. Snow park to the Mammoth park, which is, in my opinion, one of the best parks in the world. So being able to ski there every day can definitely help you out. Still the same thing, the people I was around, the whole Montage crew, Parker, Miles, and pretty much everyone who came from the East Coast, all the homies, really helps out.

Now you're living in Breck, has that impacted your career at all?

(laughs) I guess I haven't really been here too much. I was here a little bit in the early season, but since mid December I've been on the road. I was up in Montana for a month and a half or so, went over to Driggs, Idaho for a week or two and then came back here for a bit and went down to Crested Butte. Kinda been on the road for most of the season so I haven't really been around here, just a little bit. The season's been good, chasin' the pow.

I guess you have the life then huh?

(laughs) Yeah man, it doesn't suck.

Are you still competing now?

No, I haven't competed since, I think last year? I think Dew Tour was the last one in December of last year. I stopped and got on the film set pretty hard with Level 1 last year and put out a segment. Now this year focusing on my brother, Sean, Parker, and my film Project, The Big Picture. Just been traveling around and filming for that.

What kind of affect has that had on your career now that you aren't competing?

It's been good. I got all the support from all my sponsors; they all back it. You know, it's what I want to do. The first two episodes we've put out seem to have been attracting some positive feedback. People are hyped, so its going well.

You're taking the route with more filming while your sister, Devin, is taking the route with more competing....what is it like to see your sister doing so well?

It's really awesome man, it's awesome. Little sister, you know? I feel like I kinda played a little role in there along with all of us; family. She's kinda got the same story; Mt. Snow, her crew, and a lot of the same coaches who played a huge role. It's really good to see. She's crushin' it. Hope it continues.

What were some of your thoughts while seeing her at the Olympics and seeing her on the podium?

Oh yeah, that was awesome. We were actually hanging out, my brother, Parker, and I, and we stayed up late and got to watch it and it was so sick. Super proud of her for putting down her run. She was coming off her injury and everything. I know she had high goals set so I think she accomplished what she wanted to do, so it was good to see.

Back to you, how is your new web series, The Big Picture, coming along?

It's been good man, sick little change of pace from what we're used to over the past couple of years, but it's been awesome. Just kinda crewed up with a bunch of different homies for the two episodes. Just a lot of fun. It's in our hands so we can do with it what we want. Just going out and doing what we want to; skiing.

So it mainly features you and Parker White, but also includes some other guys like Adam Delorme, Tanner Rainville, Liam Downey, and more?

Yep, it's basically Parker and my deal and my brother behind the lens. We've just been linking up with all our friends and all our homies. The first one was Duncan and Rainville. This last one had a couple more; Downey, Maks Gorham, and Torin. It's just seeing who's available and around. Who knows who's gonna be in the next one.

Your series is mainly filmed and edited by your brother Sean?

Yep older bro, doing all the filming and editing for it. He's been crushin. Real sick to work with him. We've put out a bunch of edits in the past; Montage stuff at Mammoth, and now doing things on a bigger scale. I couldn't really ask for anything better.

Your brother was a pretty big name being sponsored by Armada and featured in Level 1's, A Long Story Short; did he have any impact while you were trying to build a career in skiing?

Yep that and Wicked; East Coast film. Oh yes, tremendous, he played a huge role. The biggest. I probably wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for him. He was the first one to do it. I have two older sisters who both ski and snowboard but weren't as into it as he was. I just kinda followed his path, and then Devin followed in both of ours so he was basically the trendsetter. You know, older bro had his crew and was always going out and trying to impress. That's kinda why we all moved to Mammoth and then just stuck with them.

With him having played such a huge role in your career, what is it like to be working with him now?

It's awesome. A lot of the same as it's been for a while now. Doing all those edits in Mammoth. We're familiar with how each other works, Parker, him and myself. We know each other and thrive off one another and get a feel off one another too. Someone will have an idea of something or other and then we'll toss out ideas. It's a good team, we mesh well.

When you're filming with such a large group of people, like in the Level 1 films, does that inspire you to push yourself to attempt things you wouldn't necessarily try on an ordinary day?

Yeah definitely. The crew and the people around you will just tell you you should go try something. You always have your own idea of what you wanna do and how you wanna do things, but they know you too and know you're style so everyone just kinda does that with each other.

Is there any sort of pressure from being featured in films from big name producers and sponsors expecting you to perform?

(laughs) Not really, its kinda just like going skiing. Contest stuff is more where I saw the pressure stuff. You gotta be on your shit. You don't have as many opportunities. You got your two runs to go do what you gotta do. I'd say that filming is more of the relaxed part that I've seen. Its just going out and finding some shit you wanna do, whether its building a jump or skiing something you wanna ski. I'd say it's way more relaxed and no pressure at all. You just do what you wanna do. That's the best part about it and that's why I do it.

Final question, some people describe skiing as a lifestyle and some an art; how would you describe skiing?

(laughs) I dunno really. It is what it is, it's just skiing. I guess you could call it either, but it's just skiing, man!

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