If you didn’t know our family member Cary Judd put out a new album recently. The reviews are starting to come in as the album continues to gain momentum around the U.S.

Here’s the latest from the magazine Performing Songwriter.

Look for the mag at Barnes & Noble, Borders and where ever else has a good selection. It’s the June issue with Pink on the cover:

“When he’s not on the road, Wyoming artist Cary Judd hangs his hat at the foot of the Grand Tetons. The effects of that epic landscape can be heard on Judd’s latest release, Goodnight Human, permeating the lyrics of tunes like “The Apocalyptic Love Song” (”Time has never changed / And nothing ever came from the prophesies of hippies, and the world’s at war again”) and “See Through Rocks” (”I saw God / He was shaking his head at the foolish things we said”).

Bouncy New Wave-meets-melodic pop is the defining vibe here. Listeners will hear traces of The Cure and The Charlatans UK, but Judd puts his own high-energy stamp on the record, as well. This is especially true on the stand out track “Huang Shan (The Ah-Ha Song)”, which features soaring vocal harmonies and electric guitar over a hard driving bass line. If you’ve been longing for the perfect marriage of moxie and maturity, give this Human a listen.” -MW