Out here in Utah I am able to have the greatest times of my life while

maintaining academic standing in college and an awesome position as the

new student body president of Westminster College.  It’s so cool

because it’s not like I play volleyball one night a week or take a jog

and lift every other day. It’s more like I ski powder every day, hike

in the mountains on rainy days, climb a couple of hundred feet off the

ground, or take overnight backcountry tours. Like fellow Line MC

Garrett Russell, I too have done some overnight skinning this season. 

Oh man, it’s awesome.


Sometimes, I sleep in bivies that have enough room for me and my sleeping bag. Nothing more:


Other times, I take rappel swings 500 feet above the canyon road


I love to ski in the woods:


But mainly, I love to ski


and I love to ski up hills


Up long, long hills

But it’s always worth it, because I do it all with friends.  And I live

for having fun.  My life, like yours, is based on happiness and fun.


My friend Bryce likes to have fun by digging fire pits on snow ridges


I really, really like good views, too. Especially outside of my tent. That’s how I have fun: 


If you build a fire in the snow, you can have great conversation


Beyond sketchy bridges, there are campsites


Because, you see, the morning’s ride down is only part of the fun for

me.  I indulge myself in the experience, and accept it as a whole.  The

recognition of this allows me to love every second of these trips that

I love to live for and will always remember.

gun shows

and laughter, smiles, and shredding

Remember that (I like to think, at least) we all ski for the

same reason, which is to have fun.  Whatever your favorite way of

having fun is, do it and enjoy it.  Who knows how long you’ll be able

to do it for.  Don’t take fun days in the park for granted, the same

way you don’t take those fun friends in the park for granted.  Don’t

make fun of your mountain, because it’s what you have.  Make do and

make fun. 

I am now on my first solo adventure outside of the country.  I am

heading to South America for the summer to do some backpacking, skiing,

and hiking.  I want to experience new cultures and make great memories

while I still can. I hope your winter has ended/is ending/ is starting

on a great note.  Wherever the season change takes you, remember to

pick something up, hopefully have some passion for it, and live up to

whatever your life motto may be.

For example: if you have a portaledge, sleep on the side of a rock:


Peace and let me know if you’ll be in Argentina or Peru this summer.