So as a few people know, I picked up a Canon 5D MkII on Sunday. Holyhell, it's amazing. I took a big leap, since my last camera was a 20D,which I now use for my back up. 8.2 megapixel to 21.1, 1.8 inch lcd toa 3 incher, 1/6th sensor to full frame. So it was a great improvement.I did miss one thing; 5 fps, were now I'm at 3.9. I guess that isn't ahuge thing, but for skiing, it will be missed. My top three favoritethings about the MkII is 1. Video, 2. Live View tethered, 3. SensorClean. I'll start with sensor cleaning. It doesn't sound like much butI really like this. On my 20D, I would clean it about once a week or sobecause of dust build up. I would hate cleaning the sensor because Icould fuck up the sensor. Now, I don't need to worry. For tethered liveview is fucking awesome. I do a lot of studio work for school, I havespend up to 9 hours on one shoot. Reviewing pictures on a 1.8 inchscreen was terrible and every 30 minutes or so I would take my CF cardto my laptop and check out how I was doing. Granted I could tether mycamera to my laptop, but I was pointless. I was too slow. Now with liveview, I can tether it and see through the camera on my laptop!! Iseriously think this is amazing. Inside of looking in the smallviewfinder, I now can see it on a 13.3" display (I have a blackbook).Now, as for video, wow. Last year on Engadget I read that Canon put apatent on a CMOS video sensor for slrs. I laughed. Of course this was arumor but I never thought this would happen. Low and behold theMkII was released and being able to do 1080p video. Then VincentLaforet's video, Reverie came out.That blew me away. If you haven'tseen it, you should check it out. So now to me. Of course as soon as Igot the camera, I tried the video first. Wow. I was impressed. I thenlooked into the different types of auto focusing. The easiest way, ofcourse to manually do it yourself. There is the quick way and the LiveView way. The quick way must be done before recording. It will turn offlive view, focus through the lens, then turn live view back on. You cannot focus during recording. The live view way will let you focus at anytime, but it is very slow. So I prefer the quick way and manually doingit myself. There is not much you can do to the video, other then focusor exposure. I'm kind of disappointed I can't change the f stop. Theremight be a way, but I have not found it out yet, Hand holding is hard,and a tripod is almost a must. I almost always have I tripod on me. Ihave a very light carbon fiber Velbon tripod. I love that thing. Enoughwith the video. One other this that blew my mind was the ISO. Up the25,600!! That is crazy. What get even crazier, on my 20D, 800 waspushing it. Now 3200 pretty noise free!! 6400 looks like 800, I findthat awesome. Well enough with my little review. Overall I am verypleased and can't wait to do some photo shoots with it!!Here is my test video I put together today. I should have more by this weekend. This video really doesn't show how sharp the video really is. Vincent Laforet's Reverie are some sample shots I did testing the ISO. They range from 800 all the way up to 25,600. I'm not sure how well they will turn out here, but 25,600 really was not that bad at all. Sorry they are all not the same exposure, some are a little darker then others.ISO 800

ISO 1600
ISO 3200
ISO 6400
ISO 12,800
ISO 25,600