Press Release

Candide Thovex joins CoreUPT !

Fans were wondering, and lots of theories appeared about Candide’s new skis, here is the statement: Candide Thovex joins CoreUPT.

Enthusiastic for the values and projects of the new online ski brand, he wants to put his experience and skills to help CoreUPT and his new team mates.

After a season off, Candide wants to ski stronger than ever. After breaking his backbone, he spend a year waiting for recovery. He wants to ski, big.

From this year, CoreUPT launch 2 Promodels designed by Candide and our team: the Candide Yard (Park) and the Candide Pow (Backcountry). Those skis will only be available on

A private space on will allow Candide to post exclusive infos, and his fresh photos and vidéos… A place for self expression, aimed to his fans.

CoreUPT wants to be the organization that will help Candide to get back to the top, in comps and deep in the powder. will also be a meeting place for team’s fans, club members of CoreUPT clan. To follow Candide :


- The skis of Candide Thovex will only be available on from July.

- is an organization based on the riders, from beginner to superstar.

- 2009- 2010 season shapes are already at work, you’ll be surprised…

- CoreUPT ski range is only made of promodels, wait for big news…

- Candide Thovex

Born 22 may 1982 in Annecy (France)

Achievements : 1st at X-Games 2000 (Big Air), 2003 (Super Pipe), 2007 (Slopestyle).